Cross Draw Belly Band Holster

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Handgun Comparisons. Shooting Targets. Add to Cart. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. The AlphaHolster is made from patented ventilated elastic and secures in the front with Velcro. Your small to medium sized firearm fits snugly and securely into the pocket and there is a strap that fastens over the back of the gun.

There are two additional holsters for extra magazines. This product is very lightweight, breathable, simple and secure. The belly holster Is made with a pocket on each side so it can be used for a left or right hand draw. The belly holster is set-up for a cross draw but can be worn for a side draw when turned on the body.

Color Black Beige White.

Check out our other holsters for a alpha holster belly band review the back carry, alpha holster belly band review side draw, ankle holster, and thigh holster. Made in USA. Toggle navigation. Cross Draw Belly Band Holster. Color Black Beige White. One then secures the belt with the metal hook and the Velcro strip threads.

It fits snugly around the waist and hugs the contours of the body making it practically unnoticeable once covered by a T-shirt. Naturally, the proper amount of caution should be used when inserting a sidearm into the holster, making sure there is no excess clothing that might snag the trigger.

Alien gear belly band holster review fitted into the holster, the firearm secures with a reassuring snap. The person who did my field test with the top rated belly band holster reported that she was very satisfied with both the comfort level and the fact that her handgun felt both secure and well-concealed.

She wore it with a sports outfit, which had no belt, and found it was perfect for a walk in the woods or a run in the park. It came with various clip-on pieces that alien gear belly band holster review allow you to adapt it to your respective clothing choices.

These plastic clip-on pieces are rugged, and not easily removed, which is good in allowing the wearer to feel confident alien gear belly band holster review your sidearm is staying where it is supposed to be, even when doing various activities. It offers some new options that were never available before for the concealed carrying public.

I like it. The holster system is adjustable and allows the user to tighten the hard-shell side until you feel that the handgun is secure. You can feel the pop as the pistol is seated firmly when you twist the plastic tool in the appropriate port.