Fitness Tracker Or Hiking Watch?

It’s also invaluable, for this use, to also ensure that the GPS hiking watch comes with a non-electric compass. Fitness Tracker Or Hiking Watch? There are a few major differences when it comes to fitness trackers and hiking watches. While both are great devices, a bit differences comes down to safety: a fitness tracker isn’t going to help you find your way out of the wilderness, or tell you your elevation level.

Many believe that fitness trackers with certain aspects, such as digital compasses, will do you the same as a GPS hiking watch will, or that a running/hiking watch will do the same. Fitness Trackers/Running Hiking Watch Combinations Have A Weaker GPSYou don’t see jogging hikers rocking a Fitbit as they blow by you on the trail up the mountain, right?

That’s because living in the great outdoors, getting lost deep in wilderness, isn’t about speed or getting there the fastest. Fitness trackers, and even running watches come with GPS functionality, aren’t the best for hiking and camping. Their GPS functions work properly, but they’re designed for suburban running, or predesigned trails intended for runners and joggers.

Heading into the vast unknown requires a more intricate GPS system. The Best Mountaineering Watches Track Your Progress DifferentlyWe all know the standard for fitness trackers; heartrate monitoring, pulse activity, distance, and more. If you want a perfect hybrid of these two devices, you should purchase a fitness tracker, and a GPS hiking watch separately.

One on each wrist. You will find hybrid features, but if you’re looking for the full effect of a fitness tracker, and the proper power and personal tracking of a GPS hiking watch, it’s recommended to get one of each. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the personal tracking feature on most of the best GPS watches for hiking, you’ll find that it does track your movements, and in some cases, your heartrate.

This is all for a completely different reason. With a fitness tracker, you want to know how your fitness journey is proceeding. When you’re hiking, you want to think about your personal safety, health, and nourishment. You can’t pull off of your jogging path and dip into Starbucks; you bring limited supplies with you.

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