What Is Tactacam Reveal?

The stabilizer mount is designed specifically for Bows and Crossbows. This, added to the internal image stabilization included in the camera means that every shot you take will be silky smooth without the ‘shock’ of taking your shot. The Bow Hunter Package includes:Tactacam 5. 0 hunting action camera Rechargeable Batttery USB cable with charging wall adapter Lens cloth Camera bag User Manual Tactacam decal Matte Black Stabilizer bow mount SD Card – NOT INCLUDED Warranty InformationAt the time of writing this, Tactacam offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Just make sure that you register for the warranty with 10 days of purchase here:Tactacam 5. 0 FAQ’sHow long does it take to charge the Tactacam 5. 0 battery? It shouldn’t take longer than 3. 5 hours from a fully depleted battery. Normally I would expect it to take about 1. 5 – 3 hours in total.

NOTE: Please make sure you only use the charging adaptor that is provided with the Tactacam product. If you choose not to you may cause overcharging that may damage the product. This is due to the output required from the charger of 5v – 1A. What is tactacam reveal?

How does it work? The reveal app What makes it unique? Features and details Pros & Cons Customer reviews Wrap up Having a third eye out in the woods is critical for hunters to have a much-needed edge when you are out in the field hunting your prey.

And the great thing about a tactacam cellular camera is that you don’t have to go to the camera location to retrieve the recorded data. Call Selection: Five sounds, including distress calls from cottontails, jackrabbits, and fawns. The remaining two clips are coyote pup distress and coyote howls-spelled “howels” on the remote.

Operating Range: 20 yardsEffective Range: 100 yardsHits: With the approximate dimensions of a Big Mac box, this unit is highly portable. The remote nests in the base unit by means of a magnet. The retractable handle is useful for hanging it from a tree or fence post.

The sound output is remarkable for such a petite speaker. Misses: The remote simply didn’t work beyond 20 yards. The five-sound library is pretty limiting, and because the volume control is on the base unit instead of the remote, it’s impossible to adjust the volume from a distance.

HOW WE TEST I solicited manufacturers for new electronic calls configured for predator hunting that retail for $100 or less. I loaded the calls with fresh batteries and took them on a coyote hunt on a 10-degree December day in eastern Montana. I placed the calls about 50 yards from my stand and made a series of calls with each, assessing their functionality and ease of use, and rotating through three main categories of sounds: rabbit-in-distress, fawn-in-distress, and coyote howls.